about us

About Us

Kokodome is an hospitality, recreational and tourism brand located in Dugbe, the heart of the Ibadan Central Business District in Oyo State, South West Nigeria. Established in 1964, It is an integral part of the historic and pace setting 25 Storey Cocoa House Edifice which is the first skyscraper in Nigeria.

Its unique dome shaped restaurant with a breath taking view of the pristine clean big sized swimming pool, see though glass elite lounge and pool side and terrace bars confer on Kokodome a unique configuration of the classic and the contemporary in a warm blend of choice spots to the delight of its clientele.

Kokodome provides a unique individual, family, corporate dining, social, leisure and recreational experience for discerning customers in a serene and secure environment with the following key specific offerings:

- Swimming Pool

- Fine Dining Restaurant

- Terrace Bars

- Night Club

- Elite Lounge

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Since 1964, Kokodome has provided top quality hospitality services to a wide spectrum of patrons who find it an ideal place for relaxation, fun, bonding, entertainment, conviviality, good food and leisure.

With the recent management transition to KOKODOME PLUS LIMITED, the KokoDome brand is being managed for the first time after fifty five years by a wholly Nigerian owned company.

KOKODOME PLUS LIMITED is determined to maintain and sustain the pedigree of leisuretainment thereby preserving the legacy and heritage of the visionary founders of the Kokodome brand.